I am a freelance architect registered in Berlin, Germany. I qualified in 2001 and have worked independently since 2008.

With more than 15 years’ experience, I have been a project manager in a variety of European countries, for projects with a wide range of different sizes. These have included the "Cité du Design" in Saint-Etienne for the office LIN in Berlin, the pavilions at the sports port of Barcelona for the office BCQ in Barcelona, and the Sky Schoren high-rise apartment buildings in Basel for the local office Burckhardt + Partner AG. In parallel to this, I have also been able to develop some of my own personal initiatives, focusing on social themes on the one hand, and on innovative building solutions on the other hand. I´m always seeking for new challenging projects and collaborations. My methodology is based on a profound understanding of the stakes involved in projects and in optimizing the process of their development


Fields of Expertise


Complex projects

Experience in projects from early design stages until completion. Development of many different categories of projects: High rise, Mix-use, Healthcare buildings, big scale housing, cultural and educational buildings. Skills to manage technical challenges, tight cost requirements, complex schedules and political processes.


urban planing

Expanding the study of urban topics started with the diploma work on the metropolitan area of Paris. Development of urban strategies for the regeneration of large industrial areas. Masterplan including rules for environmental sustainability and expansion in several stages. Proposal for new urban districts in Vietnam in collaboration with the office DESO in Paris.


complex geometries

Work on geometries allowing to minimize the use of material. Developing shapes to optimize the behavior of static loads. Analyse of geometrical rules to solve construction processes. .Experience in the validation process with the corresponding authorities in France for innovative structural solutions.


Team management

Management of architectural teams, teams of specialists and also dealing with different authorities. Whereby I aim to get the very best out of the people I work with whilst promoting a pleasant and efficient working environment


Multi language negociations

Experience in the negotiations with investors, in the context of development projects and the monitoring there of throughout all the phases of negotiation and approval from various local authorities in France, Spain and Switzerland.

Being really used to mobility, I speak 5 languages in a professional level: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) Process

3D modeling with REVIT. Visualisations and communication with the clients using real time rendering Enscape allowing also virtual reality presentations. Collaboration and coordination with engineers using Revizto to check collisions and issues.

Following the process from the early phase of design with the study of different options through the documents for the construction.